The CMS methodology is based on the core assumption that the key to successful projects and organisations is clarity of vision, effective communication and appropriate resources. Whether helping an organisation to manage a project, create a plan or strategy, develop a team, deliver a PR campaign, or research and evaluate performance, the methodological approach will incorporate careful attention to these 3 elements, guaranteeing successful results. We will:

  • Meet with you to clarify what you want to achieve, the time you have to achieve it and the results you expect to obtain.
  • Prepare a work-plan setting out the key activities to be undertaken with deadlines agreed with you.
  • For larger projects, put together a suitably experienced team to deliver the work-plan, with your organisation at the centre.
  • Ask you to provide us with key contacts in your organisation to report to throughout the process.
  • For plans, strategies and reports, prepare draft documents for you to review and adjust prior to presentation of final work.
  • At the end of the assignment, make available any research, useful contacts and other findings that may be useful to the organisation and where appropriate present a final report or evaluation.